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The Chaudière-Appalaches region is composed of ten territories, each as appealing and diverse as the other.





















A region worth discovering!

  • Come and join in the development of a booming region!
  • Come and find employment that meets your ambitions!
  • Come and take advantage of the countryside so close to urban centers!
  • Come and build the Chaudière-Appalaches in all its diversity!

Come and build Lévis in all its diversity!

Situated on the edge of the Saint-Lawrence, the city of Lévis is the main economical and institutional hub of the Chaudière-Appalaches region.

With its 133 000 inhabitants, it represents over a third of the population and economical activity of the region. Due to the size of its manufacturing sector, the presence of large financial institutions and its proximity to the city of Quebec, accessible by bridge or by ferry, Lévis is a city where employment opportunities and services abound. The cultural dynamics, network of public transportation and diversity of outdoor activities are only some of the undisputable advantages of this “regional city”!

Come and build Bellechasse in all its diversity!

The Bellechasse RCM is situated between the Saint Lawrence and the Appalachians, wherein numerous small and medium sized companies stimulate the economy.

Sizeable agricultural activity and numerous specialized companies in the field of transportation of food and drink as well as plastics, create an interesting economical variety. This employment perspective encourages young adults to come to the RCM.

Young adults have a strong feeling of belonging to their community. The RCM’s Massif du Sud, 74 km Cycloroute crossing eight municipalities and territories, the Saint Lawrence, the large open spaces and three main access roads promote outdoor activities. Thanks to its proximity to cities such as Lévis and Montmagny, this vast territory remains a unique place where life is good.

Come and build Nouvelle-Beauce in all its diversity!

The Nouvelle-Beauce RCM is the gateway to the beauceron kingdom. 158 manufacturing industries and more than 1 400 businesses and service industries can be found here.

The Nouvelle-Beauce is known for its entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit. The employment rate is one of the highest in Quebec and this RCM welcomes those who come to establish themselves.

In the heart of the territory is the city of Sainte-Marie, having a complete network of sporting and cultural installations. Of which, La Méchatigan, the new auditorium, is a fine example. Sainte-Marie is bordered by more than 10 municipalities and villages offering an excellent quality of life in a magnificent environment.

Come and build Montmagny in all its diversity!

Situated between the Saint Lawrence and the mountains, the Montmagny RCM is sure to enchant you! Numerous activities are at your disposal within its different municipalities : from hiking in the mountains to visiting art galleries you will find what your heart desires!

As the urban hub of the RCM, Montmagny is the proud owner of a multifunctional center. Everything can be found in this community : open-air shows, festivals, parks, nature activities, restaurants, sporting events and much more!

Come and build Les Etchemins in all its diversity!

Situated only one hour from Quebec City, the Etchemins RCM contains thirteen municipalities. The diverse landscapes and the quality of its lakes and water ways constitute undeniable wealth.

Economy relies mainly on forestry and agricultural sectors, and also on its clothing, printing, agri-food and metal products industries. Several organisms offer an adapted range of services to its population. More than 8210 jobs have been listed in this RCM.

Activities rely on the quality of the environment, richness of the heritage, tourist attractions, and the sincerity of its people and their hospitality.

Come and build Robert-Cliche in all its diversity!

Situated in the heart of the Beauce, on each side of the Chaudière River, the Robert-Cliche RCM groups ten municipalities whose population reaches approximately 19 000 people. Agriculture, food, wood transformation, textile, printing, plastics and metal transformation are the RCM’s dominant sectors of economical activity.

To settle in the Robert-Cliche RCM, is to choose to live in peace close to the hustle bustle of urban life, to facilitate access to property, and above all to offer oneself an unequalled quality of life.

Come and build Lotbinière in all its diversity!

The Lotbinière RCM groups eighteen municipalities. It offers a territory characterized by the Saint Lawrence, plains and mountains. Situated close to the city, only twenty minutes from the Quebec bridge.

The Lotbinière RCM offers a dynamic energetic environment, diverse employment, breathtaking landscapes, leisure activities for all tastes, a proactive entrepreneurial environment, local based services and hospitable people. This is a place to build your future thanks to 1 200 businesses offering close to 14 500 jobs.

Come and discover the Lotbinière RCM!

Come and build Les Appalaches in all its diversity!

Our region is situated in the heart of the Appalachian Mountain chain and close to Quebec, Sherbrooke, Victoriaville, Lac-Mégantic and St-Georges-de-Beauce.

Due to its vast economic and tourist diversification, this region provides over 20 000 jobs. The main sectors of employment are manufacturing, services, plastics manufacturing and mineral processing. Furthermore, industrial oleochemistry and transformation of mining residue represent the emerging niches. You will have no trouble finding your place within this vast diversity!

Quality of life, ease of access to diverse installations, numerous tourist attractions and economical diversity make the Appalaches RCM the ideal region to live!

Come and build Beauce-Sartigan in all its diversity!

Situated on the Maine border, one hour from Quebec, the Beauce-Sartigan RCM proudly stands in the Chaudière valley. Gravitating around St-Georges, the central town of the RCM, are fifteen inviting rural municipalities. Offering all the benefits of country life, combined with the convenience of city life, Beauce-Sartigan has over 51 000 residents.

Known for its economical dynamism and its entrepreneurial leadership, 2 000 businesses can be found here, an unemployment rate below provincial averages, added to this, a place dedicated to training the upcoming generation, the École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce.

Added to the accessibility to educational and health services, the variety of local products and the hospitality of its inhabitants, the implementation of leisure, sporting and cultural resources and infrastructures is growing rapidly! Its festive people are the authors of the famous Woodstock en Beauce, Tour de Beauce as well as the Festival Beauceron de l’Érable.

Come and build L’Islet in all its diversity!

Anchored on the Saint Lawrence River to the north, cradled by mountainous vales to the south, the L’Islet RCM is rich in open spaces and exceptional landscapes. Its economical diversity, cultural and tourist attractions as well as its proximity to all services, provide residents with a dynamic professional life as well as an active personal life.

Jobs with competitive work conditions, business opportunities, accessible and varied housing market, stimulating community life, social and sporting activities, added to businesses, restaurants and local products correspond to the needs and expectations of each one.

The L’Islet RCM is well worth discovering!


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